Federalism uneven regional development

They were particularly concerned to address worries of undue centralization, arguing that such worries should be addressed not by constraining the extent of power in the relevant fields, such as defense, but instead by the composition of the central authority Federalist Regional planning agencies may also serve as a forum to discuss complex and sometimes sensitive issues among member local governments and to try to find solutions to problems that affect more than one jurisdiction.

This potential has been further sharpened because linguistic reorganization in a vast and diverse country like India cannot be perfectly precise. Indian secularism did not evolve on the pattern of European secularism, which strove to detach the spiritual from the temporal.

Georgia, through its department of community affairs, also provides funding support for the RDC. The possibility of political movements and conflict formation arising out of these problems cannot be ruled out.

The member units in turn pool powers sufficient to secure external security, reserving the right to secede Book 9, 1. The tribal situation in Manipur, Tripura, and Mizoran is also moving fast towards the boil.

Such rules would ordinarily deal with routine matters, such as a quorum, call of meetings, order of business, and parliamentary procedure. Oil is deceptive and misleading. In others, the slow pace of building prosperity has given rise to the sense of relative deprivation.

Now, regional planning agencies are bringing public, private and civic sectors together to address common regional challenges, in regional visioning processes and regional leadership forums. We also need to realize that the greatest endowment any region, any state can have is human endowment.

The primary role of the state in developing, and all, countries should be to foster and promote equality as a method of pursuing national growth. Equally pertinent here is to note that corruption and family or "ethnic nepotism"22 have given impetus to alienation and conflict formation.

At least [51 percent or two-thirds] of the representatives serving on the [agency] shall be local elected officials. Now, the level of living in the rural district rose markedly, and the differentials between urban and rural were reduced considerably.

Several authors identify two quite distinct processes that lead to a federal political order FriedrichBuchananStepan and others. Once every region and state is socially developed, the urge and need to depend on one resource will vanish.

Regional councils in at least 10 other states serve from 75 to 90 percent of all local governments.

International labour migration and uneven regional development in labour exporting countries.

Nehru even went to the extent of threatening his resignation if that was to be done, as he apprehended that such a provision would endanger India's unity and integrity.

In fact the Union in India was empowered to frustrate any such separatist or secessionist pressures if and when they arose.

State authorities but by electors voted directly by citizens—though this is by member unit decision U. No change in government structure is necessary and there is no transfer of power from local units to a larger agency.

Subsidiary industries connected to the main industry also set up in the same region for ease of transportation, and thus a whole set of industries emerge in one hub.

Similarly, the UMJO would have the authority to review and comment on major capital projects proposed by local governmental units. Each association claims autonomy within its own sphere against intervention by other associations.

The arrangement for distribution of powers between the Union and the states has remained generally stable. Examples include India, Belgium and Spain. Financing of the regional agency's operations was to come from member governments under a mechanism authorized in enabling legislation and from state funds.

Louis, Boston, Cincinnati, and Kansas City. And there is nothing wrong with this. The people, regarded as a corporate body in territorial hierarchical communities, has a God-granted right to resist rulers without rightful claim.

The plan placed the City of Chicago in a regional context and contained regional proposals for parks and transportation. The MPO may be separate from the established regional planning agencies — the situation in several metropolitan areas including Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco — or governed by a special policy committee inside the agency.

Democracy as an ideology and system of governance centres around the individual; hence, it underplays the ethnic specificity and group feeling of individuals. Many city planning commissions found that central city development plans ignored the surrounding local governments and that regional planning and cooperative political solutions were required.

It also supported the use of interstate compacts, in the words of a report by one federal agency, "as a means of solving regional problems wherever this procedure is found to be feasible.

We are all so scared and feel that to talk about federalism is to suggest a breakup of the country. The victimized party and leaders have sought to project this abuse of power as an instance of suppression of the political rights of the dominant ethnic group in the given state.

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The congress leadership, including Nehru, which had earlier opposed the idea, conceded, saying that, being democrats, they had to respect people's wishes.

Department of Commerce and published incontained model legislation for regional planning. The state gave equal rights to all religious and ethnic groups so that they could protect and promote their educational and cultural interests, by virtue of the Indian Constitution arts.

It is illustrative in this respect that economic maldevelopment has fuelled diverse ethnic insurgencies in India. Alternative 2, below, is a more focused and directive example and defines the plan's substantive contents as well as its relationships with the adopted plans of other governmental units.

Rethinking Federal Policy for Regional Economic Development By Mark Drabenstott E conomic development policy is a major priority of the federal government. Throughout the United States, there are regional planning agencies that are either voluntary associations of local governments or are mandated or authorized by state legislation (e.g., the Metropolitan Council in the Twin Cities or the Metropolitan Services District in Portland, Oregon).

Entrepreneurship Initiative Program Development and Design Program Development—Early Planning. In a speech delivered at the Development District Association of Appalachia's annual meeting, the ARC federal co-chair challenged the Commission to develop an entrepreneurship initiative.

Mar 01,  · Request PDF on ResearchGate | Trajectories of Ownership Transformation in China: Implications for Uneven Regional Development | Through a study of Jiangsu Province, this paper analyzes the little. Explore This Section. Home > Community Development > Publications & Videos > Cascade Focus The following Cascade Focus reports summarize the department’s research on issues related to community development in low- and moderate-income communities and fair and impartial access to credit in underserved markets.

the extensive commercial and residential real estate development that has followed the influx of new residents— residents drawn to the scenic attractions of rural areas.

Federalism uneven regional development
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